Smart Repairs

We offer a full range of SMART repairs (Small To Medium Area Repair Technology) Repairs including Alloy Wheel Repairs, Stone Chips, Bumper Scuffs, Vandal Scratches, Windscreen.

Colour matching is undertaken to the Vehicle Manufacturers Paint Code.

• Bumper Scuffs

• Wing mirror Casing damage

• Paint chips and scratches

• Cracks

• Panel damage

Glass Repair


Windscreens can easily be damaged by flying debris resulting in chips (bull’s eyes or star breaks) or cracks. Minor damage such as this can easily “creep” to become a major repair affecting the overall strength of the windscreen, potentially restricting vision leading to replacement. Contained within the MOT regulations there are specific guidelines relating to chipped/cracked windscreens that can result in an MOT failure. We can repair minor damage before the damage “creeps” thus returning the windscreen to its original strength preventing windscreen replacement that potentially could affect a “no claims” bonus clause within an insurance policy.

• Bulls Eyes

• Chips

• Star Breaks

We are able to provide sample swatches of the different products available for you to look at.